Wednesday, March 30, 2011

100 Monkeys intreview with Rock Star Weekly

In the 1960's, teens got to scream for a new band called The Monkees. Now in 2011, the new generation has upped the the number of primates by 96 and they're looking to the all-star band 100 Monkees to keep the fans screaming. This quintet of multi-instrumentalists comprises of multi-faceted artists, actors and producers such as: Jackson Rathbone (who appears in such movies as “The Last Airbender,” and the “Twilight” saga), Ben Graupner (Trapped in the 5150, Devolved), Jerad Anderson (Wayne/Lauren Film Company), Lawrence Abrams (of the great Willie Bobo, Bob Hope U.S.O. tour, and The Artist Consortium), and Ben Johnson (of the Stevedores and music producer of Spencer Bell’s “Brain”).

100 Monkeys are known to switch instruments and vocalists nearly every other song during their raucous, theatrical live-sets, an idea patented as the “Monkey Switcheroo”. Swinging about the stage with an enthusiasm that seems to have been lost since the advent of digital recordings, the 100 Monkeys bring back that analog rock-n-roll of the 60’s, with the humor and cynicism of modern times.

100 Monkeys’ completely independent discography includes: “Monster de Lux” (all improvised recordings),”Singles” (Ugly Girl, Smoke, Wasteland Too), “The Creative Control: Live Sessions,” “Grape,” and “Live and Kickin’.”

The guys in 100 Monkees took some time out after their recent Vancouver show to sit down with RockStar Weekly's Whitney Bragagnolo for this exclusive interview.


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