Saturday, May 14, 2011

E! Online and 'Access Hollywood ''Wish Robert Pattinson A Happy Birthday


Happy birthday, you old dog.

Everyone's favorite heartthrob officially reaches quarterlife status today on this glorious worldwide holiday known as Robert Pattinson's birthday.

So is the actor in the midst of his mid-twenties crisis yet, and what should Rob do differently now that he is a full-fledged adult legally able to rent a car?!

Kiss his girlfriend in public! (More than once.)

OK, we got the paparazzi shots of Robsten's infamous smooch following the NYC premiere of Water for Elephants, but now it's time for Rob to take it to the next level and plant a big wet one on Kristen Stewart when they accept (yeah, we're calling it now) the award for "Best Kiss" at the MTV Movie Awards next month.

That's what a real man would do, Rob, none of that pretend stuff you and Kris gave us last time you won the award. Now that you are 25 and your gal just turned the ripe legal age of 21, we expect to see some more adult antics out of the two of you!

Including, say, accompanying your girlfriend to her premieres and events?

But you're on the right path! Love that you two met up in Toronto last week to play house as you prepare to shoot Cosmopolis. So domesticated. That's the way, kids! And we all know you've got the private-life stuff down, pat. That's not what we're concerned about.

And as much as we hope for more Robsten PDA in the coming year, we also wish for Rob to make a stand about a more serious issue, the mistreatment of his WFE lovable elephant co-star, Tai.

At some point, Rob should step up and say that animal cruelty is wrong, especially what we witnessed in this video showing how Tai was trained to do circus tricks prior to joining the WFE cast.

A cast, nonetheless, we are thrilled Rob was a part of. As thankful as we all are for Twilight launching his career, it's time for the actor to move on to some more challenging, adult roles. Jacob Jankowski was a brilliant first step in the right career direction. We always knew R.Pattz had this one in him. Never doubted, unlike the naysayers.

Bravo, Rob-o, on a fabulous 25 years lived!

Good thing K.Stew just turned 21, now we can all cheers to you!


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