Friday, July 29, 2011

10 Hairstyles Men Love - Ashley Mention

Men and women don't always see eye to eye — especially when it comes to what makes a lady look amazing. While you might find a blunt and structured 'do incredibly chic, there's a really good chance he just finds it weird. In an effort to demystify what guys find sexy, we polled a handful to find out which hairstyles men really do prefer.

Soft Layers
"I like long layers on a girl; it's more interesting than just straight hair. Blunt haircuts make girls look too harsh, and they're not contemporary — if her hair is too structured, it can be distracting and intimidating. Loose, wavy hair makes a girl look relaxed and approachable."
Tom, 28, Longshoreman
You can see the rest of the list here

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