Saturday, July 23, 2011

Nikki Reeds Team Steps To Far


Yesterday Nikki Reed and her Twilight castmates took the stage. After the she finished her interview things got a little tense backstage. Nikki Reed was leaving the washroom when she was stopped by a reporter. The reporter kindly asked if she could ask Nikki a question. Kindly her people agreed and her handler said only one question can be asked. So the reporter decided to ask a question on the wedding. No not that wedding. Her wedding. Her upcoming wedding to American Idol contestant Paul McDonald. When the reporter finally got the question out Nikki's publicist smacked the reporters tape recording out of the reporters hand and said "Don't waste my time." Then she grabbed Nikki and walked off. Nikki and Paul had announced their engagement at the MTV Movie awards in June. Fans were thrilled for her that she was so happy. Although I am sure it is not Nikki Reeds fault her publicist was a little more then rude. So, why the backlash? Although the Today show doesn't know the full scope of the story all we know is anything could of happened here. I am sure that whatever it is it isn't Nikki's fault. Whatever the case maybe weither it is the fault of Nikki's or the fault of her team I hope in the end it gets sorted. I adore Nikki and would hate to see her name besmirched by such incidents as this.


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