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Friday, July 29, 2011

(Photos) New Fan Account from Comic-Con

Fan Encounter From:@scarletevenings


This was my first time ever going to Comic Con. After waiting in line for days for the Breaking Dawn panel, I was excited for the Snow White and The Huntsman panel because it was something a little different from Twilight. When I first got to the convention center on Saturday morning, a friend of mine told me that people had started lining up for SWATH at Hall H at FOUR IN THE MORNING. I was really annoyed because I suddenly realized I might not be able to get in to the panel. I had anticipated the line for Twilight but definitely not for SWATH. So I booked it over to the Hall H line. It was funny because I ended up getting right in. Within 10 minutes of getting in line. I had anticipated much longer since I had been waiting in line for days for Twilight and hours for things like True Blood and Dexter.

But once I got inside I realized why everyone got in line so early - to get good seats. There were essentially no good seats left in the house. So I sat down in the back and watched the panel for Francis Ford Coppola's TWIXT. I figured that maybe people would leave after this panel, so I got up a few minutes before the panel ended to attempt to get a better seat. I had no luck. The next panel was for THE IMMORTALS...I think, I honestly can't remember. I assumed a lot of people were in Hall H at that moment for that panel, so I attempted to get a better seat during the panel. I was in luck, because a friend of mine had saved seats in the third row, very front of Hall H. I was able to watch the panel for KNIGHTS OF BADASSDOM from there and then finally SNOW WHITE AND THE HUNTSMAN.

They first brought out the director, Rupert Sanders and the producers, Joe Roth and Palak Patel. They showed a few commercials that Rupert Sanders had directed to give us a feel for who he was as a director and what not. I was actually really impressed by his work. Then they brought out the cast: Sam Claflin, Chris Hemsworth, Charlize Theron, and Kristen Stewart. They all looked really good/pretty/attractive. :D

Right off the bat they talked about how Rupert Sanders wanted to put together some footage to give SWATH fans a feel for what the movie would be about. I was INCREDIBLY impressed by this footage. I'm not even sure how to describe it other than that it was just gorgeous beyond belief. They made the model who was "resembling" Snow White out to be very free and pure but also showed a bit of her adventurous/curious/ass-kicking side. I could easily see Kristen just sort of stepping into the footage and playing her version of Snow White, if that makes sense. The way they made Snow White out to be very much reminded me of Kristen. The person they got to "resemble" the Queen also very much reminded me Charlize and the costumes and hair and stuff (for both the Queen and Snow White) were awesome. Lots of blood reds and forest-esque greens.

The cinematography was gorgeous for clip. I'm already really impressed by Rupert. As for the promo pictures, I was also really impressed by them. My one problem was that although I loved seeing Kristen in all her armor and what not, I wish we could have seen her in the Snow White dress that I'm sure Colleen Atwood (the costume designer) has planned for her. That would have been really cool. But I guess we'll see that in the future. :)

As for the cast and what they talked about, they all talked about how they were very excited for their roles and how many of their reasonings for joining the cast was Rupert Sanders. Of course there was some cute banter between Charlize and Kristen. I noticed that Charlize and Kristen would talk a lot between questions, behind their mics. I thought that was really cool. Honestly, I can't remember the specifics of what everyone said, but everyone's answers made me happy and made me really excited for the movie!

I went into the SWATH panel honestly not knowing what to expect/not expecting much and I came out very pleasantly surprised! :)

More Pics: Here

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