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Tuesday, August 02, 2011

'Cosmopolitan' Interviews Jackson Rathbone


Cosmpolitan asked fans for questions to ask Jackson Rathbone via their Twitter and Facebook.
What’s the craziest way a fan has gotten your attention?
It’s really weird when people just start yelling and running at you. It makes me want to yell and run—the other way. It’s just sort of my natural human reaction. But I’ve been in a bar when someone comes up to me and just says, “I enjoy your work.” It’s really nice. And that doesn’t make me want to run the other way. …

How are you most like Jasper and least like him?

I’m least like him in that I’m not a vampire. And I’m most like him in that I never sleep. I usually sleep just a few hours a night. I’ve always been like that. My parents used to tell me to go to bed and I’d be like, “I tried!” then I’d stay up reading books. I think they were the only parents to ever tell me to read less and stop getting me books!

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