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'Daemon's Movies' Interview With Tinsel Korey


Twilight fans itching for the latest installment of the franchise just have about a month to go before they get to watch some good ol’ Edward, Jacob and Bella drama. In the meantime, there is more details coming out of what to expect in “Breaking Dawn”, all of that courtesy of the charming Tinsel Korey who plays the beautiful scarred Emily Young, the wolf clan mother figure.
Check out what she had to say and catch her in the upcoming movie “Stained” released on DVD August 30th and of course “The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 1” coming to theaters November 18, 2011.

‘Breaking Dawn’ coming this November and the second part coming out next year, I’m assuming things are already ramping up for you, right?
Tinsel Korey: Yeah. I mean, the press is obviously starting to build up right now, and I actually start a movie in September, and so I’m excited about that as well.
Were you at ‘The Teen Choice Awards’ this weekend?
Tinsel Korey: Yeah, I was there last night.
Was it fun seeing all the fans?

Tinsel Korey: It was pretty cool just getting to see the different celebrities and I’ve never heard people scream so loud as when Justin Bieber came in. It was like on a different level. It was crazy. Like, what’s it like to be that guy?
Sort of like being Robert Pattinson, I would assume.
Tinsel Korey: I guess so.
At Comic-Con people camped our for two days to be at the panel for ‘Twilight’. Has the level of intense fandom had an effect on you and your career?
Tinsel Korey: Obviously it opens doors, in a way, having something big like that, absolutely. I don’t know if the level of work has gone further. I already had a career that was sort of building before ‘Twilight’. So it definitely gave it a little bit of a bump, but I was already going in that direction anyways and so it just sort of kept that steady pace of work for me.
In terms of interacting with people who recognize you, has that changed?

Tinsel Korey: I actually don’t get recognized. Last night, it was so funny, I was walking with Booboo and everyone recognized Boo Boo [Stewart], but because have of my face is covered with a massive scar and for the first two films I had bangs I look very different without that whole entire thing. Also, it’s like I’m dressed down in the movie, like, buttoned up plaid shirts and stuff like that. So, I actually don’t get recognized as much as the other guys because I have half my face covered with a massive scar.

That can be a blessing, right, so that you can live a normal life without getting mobbed wherever you go?
Tinsel Korey: Yeah, totally. Obviously, I like it. I’m more than happy to sign for fans and take pictures with fans as well, but it’s kind of nice having that anonymity and do which is what I do as an actor which is people watch. So, if everyone was watching me I definitely wouldn’t be able to delve into my craft as much as I can now where I can observe people and do what I do as an artist.

The makeup for your character, Emily, must take a long time to apply
Tinsel Korey: It was different for each movie because they had a completely different makeup team. So, the longest that it took was eight hours and the shortest it took was two hours.
I want the two hour makeup team. They sound awesome.

Tinsel Korey: Yeah. I don’t know if I’d do a movie like ‘The Grinch’ that Jim Carrey had to do where it’s like you’re in the makeup chair for that long and then you have a full day afterwards. It’s quite the process. I’m happy to have gotten my character to life, but doing it for six, seven, eight months in makeup is quite a process.

It’s rare in this industry to work on the same character over several movies. How would you say that you approach her now compared to how you approached her in the beginning?
Tinsel Korey: I think the main difference between Emily and I is that she’s very maternal, and I don’t really think that I’m that much of a maternal person. So, I’ve developed that skill sort of as I’ve played her because that’s what she does.

Like, her job is to make sure that the boys are okay, that they’re in line, that they’re fed. So, apparently I’m a little bit of a method actor, and so I’ve been kind of taking on that role. The boys kind of act a little rambunctious and I’m like, ‘Hey, tone it down.’ I make sure that they’re fed, and so I’ve definitely developed that maternal instinct and sort of guarded after them. If anyone says anything bad about them I’m kind of, like, momma wolf and step right in there. So, it was good to sort of develop that quality and bring that side out of myself.

Then also the other thing that I loved about Emily is that when I first went into ‘New Moon’ it was about the scar. I kind of thought that maybe she was, like, hiding it and Chris Weitz and I talked about it and he said, ‘Emily is just proud and beautiful, and nothing that can physically be done to her sort of affects her beauty.’ So, that to me, as a female a lot of times we’re put under a microscope and knit pick at little things, and so putting that vanity aside and bring up that inner beauty, I definitely have grown from playing Emily, for sure.
That approach and attitude can translate in real life with young fans who look up to you since that’s a positive message.

Tinsel Korey: Absolutely. I started with Wolf Girl Boot Camp tumblr. It’s kind of a private account right now and has three hundred followers. People have been writing me what they’ve been eating, and it’s not about getting skinny or anything. It’s really about getting healthy and finding your sort of inner goddess. So, I tweet them back and they let me know how they’re doing and it’s kind of a support system. I’m sure that I had in me before, but it definitely got pushed out by playing this character.
What do you think fans can expect from the upcoming movies?

Tinsel Korey: We definitely stick to the books, and so it’s not like all of a sudden Bella picks Jacob in the end, like, ‘Surprise.’ What you sort of read in the books is what you’ll see in the movie, but I haven’t seen a cut of it yet. The people who have, the people who are behind the scenes have said that it looks amazing. So, I’m excited.
How was it working with the wolf pack for a final time

Tinsel Korey: Yeah. Like I said, it was bittersweet. It was the last movie, and there was a point where we were all having dinner and I said, ‘Are we still all going to be friends?’ That’s just the reality of this business. It was amazing though. We had a fantastic location, and so it was very bittersweet to do the scenes.

I just had the opportunity to watch the trailer for ‘Stained’. Is that coming out soon?
Tinsel Korey: It comes out on DVD on August 30th.
Talk about the story of that film and your character in the piece?

Tinsel Korey: Well, basically Isabelle is kind of a troubled character with a really dark past and her sister Jennifer sort of helps her deal with that a little bit, and then all of a sudden her ex-boyfriend sort of pops back up into her life and it brings out all these really dark issues that she’s been going through, emotionally and psychological abuse.

She’s kind of a little bit of a schizophrenic serial killer. That was me playing myself in real life. [laughs] I’m just kidding. It’s probably one of the most challenging roles that I’ve had to play to date because bringing out that evil side, I know that most people might think that’s a fun process, but it’s actually really tough to delve into that dark side and portray somebody who’s got those kinds of emotional issues.
What attracted you to the character?

Tinsel Korey: I love the director. Karen Lam is just like the sweetest person. She comes to work in heels, her hair all done which is not what a normal director looks like, but she’s got this dark horror side to her that you would not expect whatsoever. She was just so passionate about the film, and obviously it was something that I hadn’t done before and I always want to push myself as an actress. So, this was one of those roles that you don’t get offered to you all the time, and so I was completely up for the challenge.
Do you find yourself more attracted to a genre of movie, or is it more the character, the director, the story? What makes you gravitate to a specific movie?

Tinsel Korey: Well, I always like to play strong characters. So, even though Isabelle has this dark side, to me, what attracted me to her was finding the humanity in it. I think that’s a difficult task for any actor who’s playing a sort of character where most of the time you’d be rooting against them.

But in general I just like to play strong females. I think that a lot of women, or actresses have these roles that overly sexualize them and put them in sort of weaker positions and I have a really young fan base. So, it’s important for me to represent females in a positive and sort of stronger light.

In terms of any other projects, do you have something you can talk about?

Tinsel Korey: You talked about picking projects, I actually have done so much drama that I’m ready to move on from drama. So, I’m actually looking for comedy films now. I guess that I have a serious looking face. I don’t know if people want me to start making funny faces on the red carpet or what, but apparently I always look really serious. So, I’m looking for comedy roles.
So, my next project which I shoot in September in Colorado is called ‘Fishing Naked‘ and it’s sort of an ‘American Pie’ with supernatural [elements]. It’s really funny. I was laughing hysterically the entire time I was reading the script. So, now I look for comedies and action films where I get to shoot a gun and blow up things and be a bad ass. I’m really nice in real life. So, it’s like the alter ego.
Who’s in that movie with you?

Tinsel Korey: Bronson Pelletier who was in the wolf pack with me and Elyse Leveseque who’s in ‘Stargate Universe’.
That sounds like it’s going to be a lot of fun.

Tinsel Korey: There’s actually another character because we’re sort of a love rectangle, and so they have some offers out to some really great actors. So, we’re going to find out who’s going to play the fourth main character pretty soon.

If you could work with any director or actor that you wanted who would it be?

Tinsel Korey: I would probably work with Ben Kingsley. I think he’s just a genius actor, and I love the way that he can jus transform into whatever character that he wants to be. You see him in, like, ‘Schindler’s List’ to I think it was ‘Lucky Number Slevin’ where he was playing a gang leader. He can just go anywhere, and I love actors who have a full range of movies, and then I’ve worked with Steven Spielberg as a producer, but I would love to work with him as a director.

My last question is unfair, but be as blunt as you can be. Team Jacob or Team Edward?

Tinsel Korey: Oh, you know what, at this point Bella has already made her choice, and so I completely avoided that question since the beginning and now I don’t have to because she made her choice already.


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