Thursday, August 18, 2011

First Look: Kellan Lutz's Abbot + Main Clothing Line


It's been about a week since Twilight star Kellan Lutz officially debuted his casualwear line Abbot + Main at Nordstrom, but we're finally able to give you a first look at the collection. YUSSS! The line features dudes' hoodies, henleys, and graphic tees in neutral whites, blacks, and greys. Sure, it may seem safe, but Kellan's attention to the DETAILS is what really gets us. When WWD met up with him at the A + M launch in Los Angeles, he effortlessly hit every selling point for the $168 hoodie, "Have you felt this? It's really soft. It's not heavy. It becomes cold when the sun sets. You have to have something warm and functional." Oh yes yes yes, Kellan. *nodding vigorously* I really DO have to have it! *hoards three from the rack and bolts to the register*

With a line so focused, Kellan and partner Danny Guez (also founder of the premium denim brand Dylan George) can really know the product intimately. The weight of every fabric. The drape of every cut. THE REAL LIVING DUDE IN EVERY SURFER SCREENPRINT. Okay, maybe they don't actually know that, but maybe by some slim chance they actually DID go to the beach to do their own photo work for their tees, YOU NEVER KNOW. (The idea of Kellan snuggling into such a soft garment makes this line extra appealing.) Even better news, after you swaddle your boy-person in this first set of Abbot + Main goodies, you might even be able to snag some digs for yourself in the near future; the duo hopes to launch a women's collection next spring. BETTER YET, if such a thing gets off the ground, the line will include 60 pieces in SILK and CASHMERE.



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