Thursday, August 11, 2011

Local news coverage of Kiowa Gordon arrest and official statement released

Twilight’ Movie Star Arrested in Mesa, Ariz.

At the time of our reporting this morning, Gordon was still in custody, but he’s been released based on his Twitter comments, including one that he posted and then promptly removed saying, “Freedom! Wow!”

In addition, our affiliate Kiowa Gordon Online has an official statement from Kiowa’s agent, which clarifies that, despite earlier reports, Kiowa was not arrested for suspicion of DUI:
The Mesa Police Department arrested Kiowa Gordon for an outstanding misdemeanor warrant issued by the Mesa Municipal Court. On 08-08-11 at approximately 6:50 AM, the Mesa Police Department dispatched a police officer to meet with the Tempe Police Department for a misdemeanor warrant hand-off. This is standard protocol for Phoenix area law enforcement agencies when a subject is arrested for a warrant from another local municipality. Kiowa Gordon was a passenger in a vehicle registered to him when he was stopped by the Tempe Police Department. During a registration check on that vehicle, it showed the registered owner (Kiowa Gordon) had two outstanding misdemeanor warrants for his arrest. The first warrant was issued by the Mesa Municipal Court ($1000 bond) and the second had been issued by the Scottsdale Municipal Court ($500 bond). Kiowa Gordon was arrested by Tempe PD for the outstanding warrants. There were no new charges as a result of Tempe Police Department’s contact with Gordon.

The Mesa Police Department took custody of Kiowa Gordon from the Tempe Police Department at 2630 W. 8th Street and he was transported to the Mesa City holding facility for processing on the outstanding Mesa warrant. The warrant was for a failure to appear charge out of the Mesa Municipal Court, with a bond amount of $1000. Kiowa Gordon was not investigated or charged with any new DUI related charges.


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