Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Lucky fan wins meeting with Taylor Lautner

THE breathlessness in Sophie Thoresen's voice after meeting Twilight star Taylor Lautner said it all.
The Mountain Creek teen got the best almost 16th birthday present a girl could hope for and made girls all over the Sunshine Coast jealous in one fell swoop.
“He's so friendly and really hot,” were the first words to tumble from her lips after a short meet and greet before his interview on The 7pm Project for new movie Abduction.
Sophie said she loved him in Cheaper By The Dozen, Shark Boy and Lava Girl, before he became an almost household name through Twilight.
“He is a really good actor,” she said. “It was so good meeting him.”
Sophie said she had to remind herself to breathe during the meet but Taylor was “so easy to talk to”.
“My friends are so jealous. I've had so many phone calls about it today, wishing me luck,” she said as she was about to walk the red carpet to watch the Abduction premiere.
Sophie said she never thought she had a chance of meeting Taylor when she entered a 7pm Project competition.
She said she wrote a poem about why she wanted to meet him and won.
“I also had to ask him a question on the show which they read out the question. I asked him ‘do you find it creepy that a lot of people around the world know a lot of personal things about you?'.”
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