Friday, August 19, 2011

New trailer for ‘Trespass’ (starring Cam Gigandet)


Director Joel Schumacher might want to think about getting a government defense contract, because considering how far under the radar his new movie "Trespass" has flown, he's clearly perfected some kind of crazy new stealth technology.

That veil of secrecy has just been lifted, however, because the new trailer for "Trespass" has hit the internet -- and if Nic Cage and Nicole Kidman have anything to say about it, "hit" is about to be the operative word.

Here's the scoop: the Oscar-winning duo of Nic and Nic play a husband and wife duo who, along with their daughter (Liana Liberato), are lolling about their mansion one fine evening when Cam Gigandet shows up. Usually that would be a good thing, because he's really hot, but this time around he's part of a gang of thieves hellbent on getting whatever Cage has just hidden in his crazy super-futuristic wall safe. And before the night is over, one thing is for sure: someone is going to get an ass-whooping.


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