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Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Prople: Kellan Lutz's Dating Secret Weapon: The Cosmo Horoscope


Before he was a movie star, Kellan Lutz was just a regular guy, looking for advice about girls wherever he could find it.

"I would read the [horoscopes] in the back of Cosmo when I was younger to see what girls like, or which girls I should date," the Twilight actor, 26, tells PEOPLE.

These days, a little color might help boost his confidence when it comes to the opposite sex.
"I feel like I'm full of my vitamin C now," the single star jokes of no longer having to be vampire-pale. "It feels amazing!"

But his superstitious nature goes beyond astrology.

"I always look at the clock at 11:11," he added at the DKNY Sunglass Soiree in Manhattan July 26. "I always make a wish or say a prayer. I believe in stuff like that." The numbers also happen to add up to an important date for the actor.

Lutz is starring in Immortals, in which he plays the Greek god of the sea, Poseidon, set for release on 11/11/11.

Adds the actor: "I think it's an amazing date."

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