Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Taylor Lautner Confess His Celebrity Crush


So Hollywood is really trying to make Taylor Lautner happen outside of the Twilight Saga, right? Not only is he the new Matt Damon, but he’s also (according to Mark Wahlberg) the new Wahlberg and Leonardo DiCaprio too! This is not to mention that Lautner is also a mini-Tom Cruise as well as quite possibly the only person in the universe who can intimidate Lea Michele and make her cry.

What is this elusive power that Lautner holds over Tinseltown? Part of the explanation might lie with the fact that Lautner claims to do all of his own stunts in his upcoming thriller, Abduction. Certainly, that’s nothing that Sparkles could manage, but no one would even dare to cast Sparkles in an action thriller anyway. At any rate, it really seems like Hollywood is bending over backwards to kiss Lautner tail, but it’s far too soon to tell if the guy has any staying power until at least Sept. 23 when Abduction arrives in theaters. We shall see.

While CB has already covered Lautner’s goofy hair at the Teen Choice Awards, I wanted to briefly discuss Lautner’s red-carpet declaration of his secret celebrity crush:

She may be married, have one daughter in a stroller and another baby on the way, but that’s not stopping Taylor Lautner from crushing on Jessica Alba. The teen heartthrob hit the Teen Choice Awards red carpet and revealed that he’s not quite over his childhood crush.

“I really haven’t lost it, it’s still there,” Lautner said of the Alba of his eye. “She’s still hot. She’s unfortunately still married and unfortunately still has a kid but it’s alright. She’s still hot.”

Although Lautner may fantasize about Alba, who is 11 years the 19-year-old’s senior, his own impressive dating history is nothing to sneeze at — Lautner has been linked to Taylor Swift, Selena Gomez and Lily Collins.

Even though his past relationships suggest that Lautner has more game with women his own age, Alba’s hubby, Cash Warren better keep an eye out for the newly-anointed action star.

[From HuffPo]

Lautner’s a sweet kid, really, and I appreciate that he’s not full of himself and hasn’t (at least yet) been an on-set diva. Even though he’s not exactly new to Hollywood with the Twilight movies, Lautner’s under a lot of pressure to be the “heartthrob.” Obviously, Alba’s completely taken and probably wouldn’t be interested in a younger man anyway. So is it possible that he’s declared this crush on Alba primarily because it’s “safe”? As in he’s now under no pressure to make a hookup happen in reality. Just a thought.


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