Saturday, March 26, 2011

Tinsel Korey Talks About 'Breaking Dawn' & Makeup


Ology has a new interview with the wolf pack mom of the group, Tinsel Korey. Tinsel gives us a look into Breaking Dawn filming for the wolf pack, what it’s like to be one of only two girls in the big group of guys and what it’s like to go through the makeup process to achieve the scars for her character, Emily. Read more below:

What’s it like being one of the only girls around the wolfpack?
They are like my brothers. We’re really like a family. Just from the Twilight conventions and stuff like that, we get to see each other a lot more. Most of the time when you’re filming a movie, it’s kind of like summer camp. You finish it and you’re like, “Yeah, we should keep in touch.” And that never happens. But with this, where we’re constantly doing promotion for the movie and seeing each other and interacting with the fans, we’ve had more of a chance to bond as a family. And I’m kind of like a guy’s girl anyway. I get along better with guys I think than I do with girls. I don’t know. They are like my brothers. They are really cool.

Fair enough. I saw the photos you tweeted during the whole makeup process. Tell me about that.
It’s really claustrophobic. They only have two spaces where your nostrils are so you can breathe. All of a sudden, it gets really really hot. You just have to focus on your breathing. They told me how they’ve had rock stars come in and completely panic because it’s so claustrophobic. But once it comes off, it feels glorious.

Haha. Do you get recognized a lot without the big scar?
Not really. When I have the bangs, I think a little bit more, but we didn’t actually cut them for Breaking Dawn. So I don’t know if people will recognize me more in this movie. But I think the bangs and also the scars….a lot of people when I don’t have the scars are like, “Oh, I didn’t even recognize you.” I don’t think it makes that much of a difference, but apparently it does. Also, I don’t look at people when I’m walking around because it makes me paranoid. So maybe people are recognizing me and I just don’t see it? I don’t get paparazzi following me around.

That’s good. So what’s it like working with Taylor Lautner?
I don’t get to see Taylor outside filming. You know, he came up and said, “Hi,” and he’s really sweet. Obviously, he has way more fans than any of us. He’s constantly dealing with paparazzi and fans and stuff like that. So he’s kind of separate than the rest of the wolfpack. We don’t get as much attention as he does. It’s just hard for him to go out without getting recognized. We get to hang out a bit during filming, but after that we don’t really get to see him that much. But he’s really nice.

Is it the same way with Rob, Kristen and the rest of the cast of vampires?
I’ve seen Nikki after filming. We had a really good chat. I wanted to hang out with her because I’ve been reading some of her blogs and stuff and she really seems cool. But we started filming Breaking Dawn again, so they’re still busy. Same thing with Taylor. So you don’t really get to hang out as much with them. Plus, none of my scenes are with them as well. So it’s almost like you’re shooting a completely different movie. You have the high school kids. And then the vampires and Volturi. And then us. It’s completely different filming processes.

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