Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Celebrity Jeweler Dishes On Working With KStew For Her Upcoming Magazine Cover Shoot

Jewelry designer Jenny Dayco‘s wildest dreams came true this summer when she was chosen to select a few of her favorite pieces for Kristen Stewart to wear for an upcoming magazine shoot — spoke to the ultra-talented designer, who gave us exclusive details!
“I got an email from the stylist who is working on the upcoming photo shoot with Kristen Stewartasking me if I would be willing to lend out my jewelry,” Jenny tells “I said ‘Yes, of course! Are you kidding?!’ I am thrilled Kristen is going to be wearing my jewelry. I have always been a huge fan.”
“It’s a really big confidence boost to get this opportunity. I feel really complimented when a stylist chooses me to work with because they can go anywhere. There is so much competition,” says Jenny. “When pulling pieces for Kristen I kept in mind that she has a very rock n’ roll style. I don’t know what the cover shoot style will be so I am just giving the stylist my most awesome stuff. I did some research on Kristen and realized that her ears are not pierced, so I converted all of my earrings into clip-ons.”
Jenny — who has a huge celebrity following including Beyonce, Selena Gomez, Taylor Swift, Avril Lavigne, Cody Simpson and Keisha — says, “I had to make some new rings for Kristen because Keisha has many of the rings that I think Kristen would like. I had to keep in mind to give the stylist singer as many choices as possible. What if Kristen doesn’t even like earrings?”
“One of the benefits of lending out my jewelry is that many times the celebrities want to keep certain items and then they start wearing them on a regular basis. Beyonce wears a gold plated Ten Commandments necklace that I made and Avril is always wearing my jewelry. Madonna even has a pair of my earrings–black crosses. I will be so excited if Kristen decides to keep some of my jewelry and starts wearing it on a regular basis.”
Although Jenny would not disclose what magazine Kristen will be doing the cover shoot for, she says, “It’s a major magazine and Kristen’s issue will come out closer to the end of the year.”
This makes sense, considering her new movie The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn-Part 1 debuts November 18.
If you would like to check out Jenny’s fabulous jewerly, you can visit her online here.

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