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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Twilight Star Tinsel Korey Gives CMR an Exclusive Interview

These days Tinsel Korey doesn’t have much time to be bored. With two movies set to be released this year and another one to begin filming soon, she can also add a newly released song title to her list of things she’s accomplished.

Recently I had the opportunity to interview this dynamic and versatile artist and ask her about some of the current and past projects she’s been working on. At the top of the list was whether she’d be working on “Breaking Dawn 2”. Sadly, the answer was NO!
Stained, a thriller set to be released August 30, has Korey playing Isabelle, an obsessed bookseller who has some secrets in her closet. Of the movie, Tinsel said, “It was very intense. It was a challenge and it pushed me to go into a place some actors don’t want to go.” She took the challenge head on and like all her other film projects, gave it her all and enjoyed the journey. While it was an emotional roller coaster, she described the movie as “captivating, emotional, and moving”.
She told me that each character she’s played is near and dear to her heart, but she did share thatLookout will always hold a special place in her heart because it was her first major U.S. production. Getting to work with Joseph Gordon-Levitt and the other amazing actors was a highlight of that experience. “Joseph Gordon-Levitt is a fantastic actor,” she shared. In fact, when asked what three actors she’d love the opportunity to work with, without hesitation she blurted out, “Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Ben Kingsley.”
She played the lead alongside Jason London in another independent film, Avarice. She said this sci-fi thriller is also a dramatic movie where lost souls come together. The story centers around a box that falls from the sky and those strange things happen to those that have it in their possession. Avarice means greed and the movie is all about just that. She was pretty excited about the fact that there was some action in this movie and that she got to do her own stunts! As of now there is no US release date for this movie, but the producers are looking for a larger studio to release it. She said that Matthew Shilling did the visual effects and that he is “a genius” and took it to “a whole new level”.
We had a laugh about the film she’ll begin shooting for in September. Its title is Naked Fishing. I asked her if the racy title is an indication of a racy film or a comedy. She said, “Definitely a comedy.” The movie was described as American Pie with a supernatural twist. The film centers around Native Americans and in fact, Native American women used to fish naked, but this movie is about connecting back with nature. Tinsel is very mindful of the fact that she has a young fan base and wants to maintain a good moral standing.
November 2011 will be when the next Twilight movie is released. This time around it’s titled, TheTwilight Saga: Breaking Dawn. The ride of playing Emily Young has been a fun one for Tinsel and she has become very close friends with many of the other actors and crew. That closeness, however, is a bit bittersweet because she’s not contracted to be in The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn 2, due to be released in November 2012.

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