Thursday, August 18, 2011

Bella's 'Breaking Dawn' Wedding Dress Plus 4 More 'Twilight' Things (MTV)

The "Twilight" lovin' Crush staff is still working on procuring our very own undead, sparkly loverdude to spend a blissful eternity with, but at least we know what we'll be wearing to the eventual wedding! Because Women's Wear Daily reports that bridal designer Alfred Angelo has secured the rights to recreate and sell a real, actual version of Bella's "Breaking Dawn" wedding dress to aspiring vampire brides everywhere, under the label "Twilight Bridal."

But really, the famously famous nuptial outfit is hardly the only thing from the "Twilight" films that we covet with the red-hot burning fury of a thousand blazing suns. So while good old Alfred is painstakingly putting seed beads on our eventual wedding gown, could someone else hook us up with these four fine items from the saga? THANKS.

The "New Moon" dirt bike
We usually deal with breakups from somewhere inside a jumbo-sized bag of Reese's Pieces, but let's face it, mourning a lost love looks much more glamorous when you're doing it on the Dirtbike of Suicidal Heartbreak. Vroom vroom!

The "Eclipse" engagement ring
It only makes sense that, before we are wed to our very own Mr. Cullen, we also get to bandy about a giant piece of bling that advertises to everyone exactly what kind of romantic awesomeness is about to go down.

The "Breaking Dawn" honeymoon chess set
Because when you're finally alone with your vampire husband after months and months of agonized waiting, the one thing you want to do more than anything is... play chess. Yeah.

Edward Cullen
Not a poster of Edward Cullen. Not an action figure of Edward Cullen. Not a screen-printed, person-sized, strategically-stuffed-to-look-like-a-human-dude body pillow with Edward Cullen's face on it. We want the real, actual Edward Cullen, and we want him now. NAME YOUR PRICE, "TWILIGHT."


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