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Saturday, August 06, 2011

MSN: TEEN STARS WITH STAYING POWER, Dakota Fanning, Taylor Lautner

10. Taylor Lautner
Age: 19
The "Twilight" series will soon come to a close, which begs the question: What will happen to its stars? Will they fade away into former teen heartthrob oblivion? The jury is still out for Taylor Lautner, who will have his first
crack at establishing himself as a lead actor in the September thriller "Abduction."

2. Dakota Fanning
Age: 17
It's had to believe that Dakota
is only 17 when she's got the poise and grace of actresses twice her age. We've pretty much watched Dakota grow up on camera, and we don't think she's ever given a performance that's been
less than riveting. Through it all, she's maintained a normal life, even attending a regular high school. It's exactly that down-to-earth attitude that makes us certain that Dakota will be around until her kids are in high school.


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