Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Kristen talks what she learned from Rob "He really shines when he’s just funny"

It’s apt that she brings up Lautner’s media savvy. The three Twilight leads are a study in diversity – Lautner is the ultimate pro, Stewart awkward and uncomfortable, Englishman Pattinson somewhere in the middle.

“Actors have this really weird position – their jobs are wrapped up in their personal lives,” Stewart says. “Not just personal lives as in, ‘Who are you dating?’, but my life is my job, I love it.

“You can’t always be so candid. I definitely learnt from Rob, he really shines when he’s just funny. He’s so appealing in a general way – like I’ve see him on TV and I go, ‘Hmmph, you’re like really good on TV!’.

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