Saturday, March 26, 2011

Peter Murphy Talks About His Role In 'Eclipse' & Kristen Stewart


You might remember that the God Father of Goth,Peter Purphy, had a cameo in Eclipse. It was a nod to his appearance in the David Bowie vampire flick "The Hunger", and the idea came from director David Slade. The above picture was posted on Twitter by David and shows Peter on the set of Eclipse ready to film his scene.

Soundspike interviewed him and asked him about his cameo as credited The Cold One:

Tell me about your appearance in "Eclipse." How did that come to pass?
It was very short. I was very pleased. David Slade, the director, was brought in to give it some kind of edge. I wasn't too worried either way (if I appeared in the movie). I did want to appear in it. He said he would like me to play a short cameo role, which to him was like a secret wink to those who know who I am and what I've done, and a bookend to "The Hunger," if you like.

I loved it. I thought it was a very nice idea. I was thrilled to go on to the set in the mountains in Vancouver. It was amazing to be an actor for three days. I did hair, and a wig, and make up, and stunt training. The day of the schoot, I was with the young kids who are the stars of "Twilight" It was like, "Wow, Look at this". They had to hide me because it's such a humungous enterprise.

It was a joy to be on the set. It really enforced the fact that I do have an urge to act. Up until now I felt that was a little pretentious of me, but I do feel that I can act. Talking to David and other people on the set, they encouraged me. I'm going to hopefully look in to other opportunities to act proper. The "Twilight" thing was very short, brief moment. I enjoyed the whole process.

I have to admit, I love those movies. I think they're very clever.
I do too. I think that young actress (Kristen Stewart) is very good. She's lovely too.


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